Minsk: Police Detain Siarzhuk Semianiuk and Iryna Smiayan

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 August near Uruchcha tube station activists of BPF Youth handed out leaflets to congratulate people with the 490th anniversary of the issue of the first book on the territory of Belarus by the pioneer of printing Frantsysk Skaryna. All in all, about 700 leaflets were distributed.

After the action the youngsters came to a monument to Frantsysk Skaryna and laid down flowers to it. The deputy chair of the council of the BPF Youth Siarzhuk Semianiuk and a member the council Iryna Smiayan drew a large white-red-white flag on the asphalt and wrote: ‘Long Live Belarus!’. Some vigilant passer by called the policemen who detained Semianiuk and Smiayan. They also tried to detain other activists, but they managed to escape. The policemen detained the activists near the National Library, made them erase the drawings and then released them.