First Victory of Mahiliou Donors in Struggle for Benefits

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to a honorary donor, one of the founders of the Fund of Plasma and Blood Donors Drop of Life Ihar Kavalenka, the Soviet of Ministers decided to preserve 40% pension bonus to donors. It is one of the reasons because of which the donors will now abstain from a termless strike. However, the question of termless strike is still open and will be discussed at an assembly of donors. 

‘Now we are also waiting for answers to the letters which we have sent to a number of state organs. Then we will work with lawyers who are to prepare definitions for the notions ‘compensation’ and ‘benefits’. Only then will we decide the question of appeal to the Constitutional Court. We still have no answer from the Ministry of Health Care. However, according to the letter that was sent by the Soviet of Ministers to the Ministry of Labor and Social Defense the 40% pension bonuses are preserved for us. Thus, one of our demands has been implemented. The struggle for free medicines and tooth filling is ahead. Fighting with officials is not easy. Everything takes much time, the more that we continue the creation of our Fund and have sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice concerning our name. Now we waiting for an answer, without which it would be impossible to receive a state registration,’ stated Kavalenka. 

What concerns the donors’ action with distribution of leaflets inviting the officials to donate blood – none of them have reacted to the proposal. ‘Not a single telephone call even. As if there was no action,’ Ihar Kavalenka said.