BPF Youth Try to Break through Wall of Official Prohibitions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk officials persistently continue prohibiting pickets against repeal of benefits. However, one of Minsk citizens decided to break through this wall. It is Siarhei Semianiuk, deputy chair of the council of the youth wing Belarusian People’s Front, BPF Youth. 

Yesterday he received the fourth refusal from Minsk city executive committee, but he is not going to give in. This time the officials explained that it was impossible to hold the action as the place where it was to have take place would be cleaned at the specified time. In general, Siarhei says that the capital’s authorities prohibit such pickets for a wide range of formal reasons. 

‘For instance, we apply for authorization of a picket in Yakub Kolas Square. They prohibit it, as it is prohibited to hold mass actions within 200 meters from tube stations. Then we submit another application, for a place that would suit all their demands and would not fall under any prohibitions,’ Semianiuk pointed. 

However, even this strategy has not helped the applicant to receive permission from Minsk CEC yet. The officials prohibit the pickets referring either to mistakes in the filed documents or any other reasons. That’s why the youth activist is going to sue them. However, Semianiuk also tries to break through with his insistence. 

‘I almost everyday come to Minsk city executive committee and file applications for each new day. It is not difficult for me. On the way to job I drop in and leave my application. It takes about three minutes,’ commented the activist. 

Pickets against the law on repeal of social benefits are prohibited not only in Minsk. Activists of regional and district centers constantly demand from the authorities to permit such actions, but the state uses all known methods to limit distribution of information that the benefits which people have now will be soon liquidated.