KGB Starts Terrorizing Aleh Minich’s Relatives

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two years Aleh Minich, author of well-known cartoons about Aliaksandr Lukashenka, had to emigrate from Belarus because of persecution from the side of KGB. Now secret services pressurize his family in Hrodna. 

‘Several weeks ago ‘men in black’ started paying visits to our neighbors in Hrodna. They told them a tale that a private enterprise was allegedly registered in our apartment and it did not pay the taxes. That’s why they asked who lived here or paid visits. The most interesting fact is that when my parents (who are over 70) went to their summer residence, KGB workers came and told the same tale to their neighbors. Then they started asking how often I visited my parents and when they had seen me last time,’ said Aleh Minich. 

According to Minich, several days ago an unknown woman also started calling his parents and terrorizing them. ‘By means of blackmail and threats she tried to get from them information about me and my wife: where country we lived in, in which city, what was our status, etc’. The woman introduces herself in the following way: ‘I phone you from the criminal search department, that’s why you must answer my questions…’. She does not tell her name, surname or duty position.