Leanid Marakou Issues Book about Stalin’s Repressions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A unique book dedicated to the 1930 year’s repressions appeared in Belarus. Researcher Leanid Marakou had been working on his book Victims and Hangmen for 11 years.

In the book the author gives the names of those who were shot in prison over the period of 1937-1938 and those who were killing and torturing them. It is for the first time that on the territory of the C.I.S. the names of those who had directly participated in the repressions and not of the ‘chekists’ in general are given. That was reported by Leaned Marabou himself to the European Radio.

The interrogations are described and the investigator’s names are given in the book along with the names of those who were repressed and of the repressors. Furthermore, it is described in the book how the classic of the Belarusian literature Kuzma Chorny and other representatives of the intelligentsia were being tortured.

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