Mahiliou Donors Receive Answer from Parliament Concerning Repeal of Benefits

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As said to BelaPAN by the honorary donor of Belarus Ihar Kavalenka, the appeal to the parliament was forwarded to Mahiliou city executive committee, and the answer was signed by its deputy chair F.Mikheyenka.

20 to 27 June Belarus’ donors held a warning strike and stopped coming to blood transfusion stations in order to protest against the repeal of benefits to honorary donors in conformity with the law on regulation of privileges which is to be enforced on 17 December 2007.

In general, the tone of the letter seems to be insulting. It is full of such expressions as: ‘in the conditions when such manifestations of humanism as blood donorship is perceived by certain citizens as work, there appear more than serious fears whether it is really safe for ill people to use the services of such ‘human and merciful citizens’. At the same time, state officials do not hurry to donate blood themselves, even to show an example for ‘mercenary’ donors.

‘This letter contains no answers to our demands’, commented I.Kavalenka. ‘When I phoned to the parliament, I was told that according to the law on donorship, Mahiliou has the right to independently establish to donors benefits and privileges.’ According to Kavalenka, now the donors are waiting for answers to their letters to the Soviet of Ministers and the Health Ministry and simultaneously continue working on establishing a charitable fund for donors of blood and plasma.