Celebration of Yanka Kupala’s Anniversary Cost Fine of 150 USD for Vitebsk Opposition Activist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Saturday, July 7, Barys Khamaida went downtown Vitebsk to celebrate the anniversary of the great Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala. He held a new issue of Nasha Niva with Kupala’s portrait and a self-made poster. That was enough reason for police to detain him. The same very day Chyhumachny court of Vitebsk fined him 10 basic units (about 150 USD) for participation in an unauthorized picket.

As we have reported earlier, on Friday police officers approached Barys Khamaida on a street and took him to Chyhunachny district police department. After a 30-minute “preventive” conversation he was released, warning him that they didn’t want to see him on the city streets anymore. The reason was explained in a very simple way: “you know yourself, why”. The matter is the Slavianki Bazar festival which is held in Vitebsk every year. The president is supposed to arrive to the city to attend the event. That is why the local police are nervous.