Group of Belarusian Women Issues Statement in Support of Public Activist Krystsina Shatsikava

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Former prisoners of conscience, mothers of political prisoners and well-known public activists demand from Mahiliou authorities to stop harassment of K.Shatsikava’s family. They directed their statement to Kastrychnitskaya commission on cases of minors of Mahiliou which is to consider the case of Shatsikava.

The statement was signed by Tatsiana Kaspiarovich (mother of the former political prisoner Zmitser Kaspiarovich), Yauheniya Astreika (mother of the former political prisoner Mikalai Astreika), Enira Branitskaya (former political prisoner), Volha Dashkevich (mother of the political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich), Maryia Finkevich (mother of the political prisoner Artur Finkevich), Ela Haretskaya (mother of the Young Front activist Barys Haretski), Ala Karol (public activist), Tatsiana Klimava (wife of the political prisoner Andrei Klimau), Ina Kulei (wife of the democratic leader Aliaksandr Milinkevich), Iryna Laurouskaya (public activist), Tatsiana Seviarynets (mother of the former political prisoner Pavel Seviarynets), Halina Siuchyk (mother of the politician Viachaslau Siuchyk), Alena Tankachova (public activist), Valiantsina Tryhubovich (public activist) and Sviatlana Zavadskaya (wife of the missing cameraman of the ORT TV channel Zmitser Zavadski).

Bear in mind that Kastrychnitskaya commission on cases of minors of Mahiliou is of the opinion that Krystsina Shatsikava does not implement her parental duties. The case concerning Shatsikava’s parental duties has been initiated by Kastrychnitski police department of Mahiliou.

On 5 June, during Krystsina’s familiarization with the case materials, the deputy chair of Kastrychnitski executive committee of Mahiliou Natallia Haletskaya again reminded her about decree #18 which provides deprival of parental rights.