Regional Entrepreneurs Suffer from Illegal Fines

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The entrepreneurs of several regions of Belarus are indignant of the pressure of regulatory bodies exerted through mass checks and huge fines which have become typical of late. Minor businessmen are sure that this way the authorities are solving the problem of local budgets deficit.

Aleh Shabetnik says that Rechytsa entrepreneurs are facing serious problems with the tax inspection. Several people there had their goods arrested and then the trail is to be brought against them. And the court usually sentences them to about 1,5 million rubles (730 US dollars) penalty and to goods’ confiscation. This week it happened to three entrepreneurs.

In early June similar cases also happened in Mazyr, Homel, Krupki, Berazion, Zhodzina and other towns. The entrepreneurs declare that the tax inspectors issue penalties in compliance with the orders from the above.

’In Smaliavichy there is an agreement with the tax inspection that if orders come (and they come regularly), the entrepreneurs choose among themselves who is to be fined. For example, six people are to be fined 1,5 million rubles. Then the entrepreneurs share the sum of the fine. It happened in Pleschanitsy and other towns. When I started verifying the information I found out that 20 –30 % of such agreements exist in smaller towns all over Belarus,’ leader of the campaign For Free Development of Entrepreneurship Viktar Harbachou reported.

He added that 20-25 June within the frame of the campaign businessman would discuss the ways of solving this problem. It is not excluded that they may start the all-Belarusian strike.