Another Priest Expelled from Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


On 8 May citizen of the Republic of Poland belonging to the Church of Christians of the New Testament Belief Yaroslav Lukasik’s Belarusian permanent residential permit was cancelled by the police department of Miadzel district executive committee; he was also ordered to leave the territory Belarus within a month. This decision was grounded by his supposed ‘activities aimed at incurring damage to the national security of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of inter-confessional relations’.

As it is reported by the information center Belarus of New Testament Yaroslav Lukasik and his wife, citizen of the Republic of Belarus Natallia Lukasik, are parents of three children. Such actions of the authorities ruin the family with many children and make them leave our country.

Today Natallia Lukasik announced her open appeal to the department on citizenship and migration of the ministry for internal affairs of the Republic of Belarus and to Administration of the president of the Republic of Belarus, in which she claims annulment of the resolution on cancellation of her husband’s permanent residential permit and not to split the family.

’I am sure that happy and strong families make the foundation of the society. I believe, the family must be the major value of the society. The state must take care of the family and not ruin it .I speak against the lawlessness. The groundless decision ruins our family, makes all of us leave our motherland. Now it seems as if we had returned to the past.70 years ago the decisions of the NKVD (Committee on Internal Affairs) influenced the peoples’ destinies. Hasn’t anything changed since then? Is it possible our days without any lawsuit to make fatal judgments?’, it is said in the appeal.