Hrodna: KGB Pays Interest to Andrei Famin

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On 7 May agents of Hrodna KGB office took oral explanations from the fourth year student of Hrodna Medical University Andrei Famin. They asked him why in the publications of several websites her was called an activist of Young Front.

‘I was called to the office of the deputy dean, Uladzimir Klimovich, right from the classes. Two KGB workers whom I already know from earlier interrogations concerning the Young Front case were sitting there. They showed me several printouts from,, etc, where I was called ‘activist of Young Front’ and asked for explanations, to which I replied that they should ask the authors about it…

The talk lasted for about 50 minutes and reminded exchange of thoughts. They asked me why ‘WE’ were so radical about the language and wanted everything to be in Belarusian, why not to choose the Dutch variant, where several languages are used equally, as an example…’ Andrei said.

During the talk the KGB agents showed to Famin the list of members of the Central council of Young Front and asked whether he knew someone from this list. On getting a negative answer one of them reminded that there were enough materials on the web to make the prosecutor’s office interested in Famin’s person as an activist of Young Front.

Andrei believes that the main aim of the talk was to intimidate him and his friends in order to neutralize the protests of Hrodna youth against the destruction of the old town sanctioned by the authorities.