Belarusian Public Demands from Authorities to Rename Suvorov Military School

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Charter’97

A group of Belarusian citizens have applied to the prime-minister Siarhei Sidorski and the defense minister Leanid Maltsau with the following note:

‘We, Belarusian citizens, apply to you with the demand to rename Suvorov military school which is situated in Minsk. For our nation the Russian general Suvorov is an occupant and butcher, who swamped in blood the upheavals of the Belarusian people against the czarism, thus fulfilling the occupation plans of the Russian Empire. The honoring of his name is a shame for the Belarusian nation and mockery at our ancestors.

We propose you to name the military school in honor of the state and military figure of our ancient state Kantsantsin Astrozhski (1460-1503), who won 63 victories in the battles with the foes our country. His service to the fatherland became an example of military activity. It is hard to even to give a complete description to his merits before the country. During his life K.Astrozhski built many churches, monasteries, hospitals and schools. There is no other military leader who has so nicely dedicated all his life to his country.’