Homel Activist Mikalai Kaliuka Pressurized into Recalling Signature for Chernobyl Picket

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Source: www.charter97.org

The administrative pressure exerted upon Homel activist, member of the UCP Mikalai Kaliuka resulted in his recalling the signature under the application for a picket, which is to be held in Homel on 26 April. As Mr.Kaliuka reported to RFE/RL, the pressure started immediately after the application had been submitted.

Thus, they kept phoning the upper management, the deputy director responsible for ideology for their subordinate Kaliuka to recall his signature. The activist added that they phoned him at home and strongly recommended to recall his signature. Finally, the activist submitted his application to Katsila, head of the ideology department of Homel regional executive committee with the refusal be an initiator of the Chernobyl picket.

When Maryia Bahdanovich, organizer of the 26 April’s picket, learned about things happened to Mikalai Kaliuka, she paid a personal visit to the ideological boss. At their meeting the woman told Katsila that he wouldn’t manage to break the event even if she remained the only applicant. According to Bahdanovich, Katsila totally objected his participation in pressing upon Kaliuka. The chief ideologist directed the activist to the deputy head of Homel city deputy soviet Siarhei Paroshyn for him to answer all the questions.