Movement for Abolishment of Contract Employment Asks to Permit Outdoor Gathering

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According to and Charter97

Activists of the movement for abolishment of the contract system of employment are eager to hold the constituent assembly of their initiative group outdoors, as they didn’t manage to find any premises for it. They have applied to Minsk city executive committee with the request to authorize their meeting in Banhalor Square on 15 April.

The leader of the Belarusian trade union of radio-electronic industry Henadz Fiadynich said that the initiative group consists of different kinds of people: members of trade unions and parties, unemployed, workers and clerks, pensioners and housewives. All of them are concerned with the fate of Belarusian workers who fell under the yoke of the contract system.

According to Fiadynich, the organizers of the meeting also filed one more application with Minsk city executive committee, with the request to permit the meeting in 50-hoddzia Kastrychnika Park. They hope to receive such a permission in order to conform to the legal procedure and realize their right to legislative initiative.

At the constituent assembly they plan to establish an initiative group and adopt the elaborated draft of the legislation amendments. After the assembly the list of members of the initiative group will be passed to the Central Election Commission for check-up and registration. Then collection of signatures for the amendments will start. Henadz Fiadynich is sure that it will be quite easy to collect the necessary 50 000 signatures, as the majority of the citizen’s are dissatisfied with the contract system of employment.

‘This system has turned people into dumb slaves. Workers became completely dependent on their employers. This situation needs to be changed,’ Fiadynich stated.