Hrodna: Customs Officers Refuse to Return Laptop to Student Zmitser Malchyk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Racyja

On 23 December 2006 Zmitser Malchyk was returning from Krakow mountain academy (Poland), where he studied on Kalinouski educational program. On the border the Belarusian customs officers confiscated his laptop. They explained it by an order of Hrodna regional KGB office. Being asked when the laptop will be returned, they answered this question was beyond their competence.

In some time Zmitser Malchyk had to return to the academy and empowered his father, chair of Hrodna regional BPF organization Siarhei Malchyk, to represent his interests in the case. Deputy chair of Hrodna regional customs’ officers Aliaksandr Vysotski explained to S.Malchyk, that ‘the appropriate organs were carrying out a check-up till the end of which the laptop could not be returned’.

‘I consider such actions of the customs officers as execution of the order of secret services. It is a simple mockery that they keep the laptop for three months despite the facts that the student needs it and ignore the very fact that by this they violate the law’, Malchyk commented.

Bear in mind that every time the students of Kalinouski program cross the border the customs officer pay an especial interest to them.