Minsk Maskouski Borough Court Supports Official Prohibition of Picket to Prisoners’ Relatives

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A group of women wanted to hold a picket against judicial mistakes and arbitrariness after their relatives had been sentenced to large prison terms on criminal, civil and property cases. They thrice applied to Minsk city executive committee for authorization of the picket, but the committee thrice refused. The third time the officials referred to Article 110 of the Constitution according to which any interference with the court activity of judges is inadmissible and punishable by the law.

Then the women sued to Minsk Maskouski borough court. At the trial a representative of Minsk CEC stated that the citizens’ applications were considered from all sides, including conformity with the legislation and the women’s application hadn’t been satisfied as its aim contradicted to the Constitution.

The court rejected the suit and stated that holding such a picket could put to doubt court rulings on certain civil and criminal cases and thus influence the jurisdiction.

After the trial one of the applicants, H.Iubko, stated: ‘It is impossible to influence the process of baking a loaf of bread after it is ready’. According to her, the women will appeal the court ruling to a supreme instance and will continue applying to Minsk city executive committee for authorization of their picket.