Homel KGB Continues Pressure on Youth Activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Siarhei Haurylin, student of Homel State University and a pro-democratic activist, had a meeting with a KGB officer. Siarhei was invited to come to the military registration office. A man of about 30 who introduced himself as Ihar Uladzimiravich, was waiting for him in the office. On Siarhei’s request he showed a KGB certificate, with the last name Ivanenkou, reports Hart.

Siarhei agreed only to a short conversation, otherwise, he would come to KGB office if summoned, he said. The officer agreed to a short talk. He began to ask questions about the motives of Siarhei’s political participation. The activist asked if that was the real goal of the conversation. Then the KGB officer told him: “I invited you to say that you’ve chosen a dangerous path. You got involved with dangerous people.I will not tell you the names – you are well aware who I mean. You think you are fighting for freedom and they are using you. You are meat for them”.

Ivanenkou threatened Siarhei with possible problems in the university. However, he said, Siarhei9 still has time to change the situation. The officer claimed KGB was not a punitive structure. Vice versa, it helps many people to find a good place in life, on condition that they help the KGB .

“You will always be able to find a job of a teacher. But this is not for you. We will find a good place for you. You are a talented guy. We will help you to get a good career. And we will support your financially, of course. Student need money very much”, -- the officer tried to tempt Siarhei. Then he gave him a note with his phone number – “if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to call – we’ll find a solution”.

Siarhei turned down the proposal and did not take the business card, saying his ideas and principles are more important than a student’s card. Leaving the office he heard the officer saying: “do you realize you are on the black list now?”

“You have your black lists, and we have our own”, -- Siarhei replied.