Krystsina Shatsikava Tells Details of Her Abduction and Forced Confinement in Psychiatric Hospital in Letter to Authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Krystsina Shatsikava Addressed Head of Mahiliou Regional Administration about Her Abduction and Placement into Psychiatric Hospital

To Barys V. Batura

Head of Mahiliou Regional Executive Committee

Dear Mr.Batura,

I, Krystsina V. Shatsikava, believe it’s my obligation to deliver the following information to you:

On March 23, 2007 I was summoned to attend the administrative building of Mahiliou region KGB department at 1 p.m. Interrogator I. A. Grybailo interrogated me as a witness till 4.30 p.m.

At 4.30 I left the KGB office and called my friend Iryna A. Kacharova, so that we could meet. We agreed to meet near Pasad cafй on the intersection of Leninskaya and Libknecht streets. On my way to the intersection I and Kacharova, standing near Pasad cafй, saw each other and I walked in her direction.

At 4.45, the moment I stepped on the roadway of Libknecht Street, a dark-colored Niva with 4 men inside drove up to me from Pianerskaya Street. The car stopped right in front of me covering me from Kacharova’s sight. A man in civil clothes jumped out of the right rear door and began to drag me inside. I started screaming and resisting, throwing my arms and legs against the car. Another man jumped out of the right front door. Together they pushed me into the car on the lap of two men sitting there who helped the attackers to pull me inside. Then the men who attacked me got inside the car, closed the doors and the car drove away to Pershamaiskaya Street.

Dzmitry N. Kavaleuski became a casual observer of that incident. He was the first to report to police and told them about the details of my abduction, and named the car’s brand, color, and license number. Dz. Kavaleuski just went out of Claudia cafй on the intersection of Leninskaya and Libknecht streets, from the side of Pervomaiskaya Street. He observed my abduction from a distance of about 7 meters. When the car was passing him, he managed to see the men in the car and the fact that my head was on their lap, while the rest of my body was pressed against the back of the front seats.

In about 40 minutes Kacharova came to local police station #7, located at Libknecht Street and reported about my abduction. Senior lieutenant of police Kiryl S. Voranau registered her report, interrogated witness Dzmitry Kavaleuski, and took his written statement.

In the evening of the next day (March 24, 2007) I. A. Kacharova received information from an anonymous source that I was illegally kept in Mahiliou psychiatric hospital. In conjunction with that she immediately wrote another report to Leninski police department. Police captain on duty Alexander P. Auramau registered her statement. On request of I. Kacharova Abramau made a telephone call to the psychiatric hospital at Surhanava Street on the phone number 27-94-13. According to A. Auramau, the doctor on duty Chernenka told him I was not there. However, the police failed to do anything to verify the information on that and the next days, despite repeated requests of I. Kacharova who called Leninski police department at 1.30 a.m.

On March 24, 2007 my mother received a phone call with information that I was really illegally kept in Mahiliou psychiatric hospital in Surhanava Street. My mother arrived to the hospital to get me, but the reception room nurse told her I was not there. Although, according to the law, they were obliged to tell her the truth because she is my close relative. Then my mother began walking around the building and call out my name. At that time Alexander Ya. Asiptsou arrived at the hospital. He presented credentials of a reporter of RFE/RL and only then they told him I was really kept in the hospital, department #8.

Based on the above-given facts one can come to conclusion that a criminal group dealing with abducting people acts in Mahiliou city. Some participants of this criminal group may be known by the people who bear personal responsibility for my illegal forced confinement in Mahiliou psychiatric hospital and using psychotropic agents for political reasons. These people are:

Head of the children’s department Nikalai Petrovcih Meshchankou, who registered me as a patient in the hospital; Alla Vasilyevna Utensheva, head of department # 8, where I was illegally kept for 3 days; and head doctor of Mahiliou psychiatric hospital Nikolai Nikolayevich Nester, who bears personal responsibility for everything happening in the hospital.

As a far relative of ORT cameraman Dzmitry Zavadski, abducted 6 years ago, I am afraid that such a scary and disgraceful phenomenon as “death squadrons” appeared in our city.

You, as a state representative, should provide for safety of citizens. I sincerely hope for your understanding, support, and immediate reaction.

Sincerely yours,

Krystsina Shatsikava