World to Watch March 25 Events in Minsk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

European Parliament members, members of parliament of Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Latvia, Russia and Azerbaijan, ambassadors of the countries of the European Union and of the United States, OSCE office, reporters of the leading TV companies and newspapers of the world plan to arrive to Belarus in order to observe the events in Minsk on March 25.

Press secretary of Alexander Milinkevich says, 15 members fo eth Polish parliament and 5 members of the Bundestag are to arrive in Minsk. “MPs from Slovakia and Latvia have confirmed their visit, -- Mazheika says, -- members of the Russian Duma Uladzimir Ryzhkou and leader of the Union of Right Forces Nikita Belykh, as well Isa Gambar, head of Azerbaijan Musavat party are planning to come”.

Representatives of OSCE office in Minsk also plan to watch the events in Minsk. “As usual, the staff of the office plan to observe”, -- OSCE office told BelaPAN.

“Ambassador Martin Hekker intends to watch the events of this day 25 closely, -- the diplomatic representation of Germany stated, - This is the task of the embassy – to pay attention to what is happening on the day which has a special significance for the people of Belarus”.

Ambassadors of the countries of the European Union, in particular, Lithuania and France, as well as the United States Ambassador, also plan to watch the events in Minsk. “The US Ambassador, together with her European colleagues and members of the American embassy will observe the rally on March 25”, we’ve been told by the diplomats in the United States Embassy.