Dzianis Dzianisau Can Be Released on Bail?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


On 14 March the mother of the young activist Dzianis Dzianisau and two human rights activists visited Vitsebsk remand prison #2 and brought food and independent newspapers to the prisoner, Radio Racyja informs.

They have been not allowed to give him books, with a mentioning that the detention facility has a library. However, as the mother of the arrested has found out, her son still cannot use library.

As Leanid Svetsik says, the total weight of parcels was 12 kilograms – that is why there is still a possibility to bring some more things until the end of the month.

Raisa, Dzianisau’s mother, hopes that in the near future Dzianis will be released on bail. A lawyer of the arrested Piatro Kavalenka has written a corresponding request to the prosecutor. At the moment with the help of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee he is looking for reputable bail granters and 15 million rubles. The result of this search is to become known soon.

Dzianis Dzianisau case has been initiated on events which has taken place on 18 June 2006 in Vitsebsk. Then a group of young activists from an unregistered organization Bunt tried to hold an oppositional rally. Activists put up a white-red-white flag.

A criminal action for Dzianisau’s participation in this episode was brought up last October. Dzianisau was detained on 16 February in a train which was on its way to Homel. First the activist was kept in a remand prison in Homel, and then taken to Vitsebsk remand prison #2. The activist is charged with organizing group actions which violate public order.