KGB Agents Try Bursting into Zmitser Khvedaruk’s Apartment

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the press-service of the Young Front

KGB agents and policemen tried to enter the private apartment of Zmitser Khvedaruk, one of the leaders of the Young Front. At first they couldn’t even enter the porch of the building. Then they telephoned to the neighbors and told them to open the entrance door. They started asking habitants of the adjacent flats whether they say Zmitser or knew when he could come there.

Then the agents made several bold attempts to enter the flat. They spent some time trying to break the door, but then went away. They did it after 11 p.m., which is a law violation. They had no warrant, etc. These actions are evidently connected to the protest action that is to start at 12 a.m. on 25 March in Kalinouski Street. The regime tries to prevent the Young Front leaders from taking part in the celebration of the Independence Day.