Aliaksandr Iarashuk Demands to Stop Pressurization of Trade Union Organization at Unitarian Enterprise Lios

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On 5 March the leader of the Belarusian Congress of democratic trade unions Aliaksandr Iarashuk demanded to stop the pressurization of a primary unit of the trade union of steelworkers at a Unitarian enterprise Lios, situated in the town of Baran (Vitsebsk region).

A letter with these demands were filed with the 1st deputy prime-minister Uladzimir Siamashka (who also heads the National soviet on social and labor issues) and the prosecutor general Piatro Miklashevich.

˜Members of the primary organization at Lios are pressurized everyday with the aim to make them leave the trade union of steelworkers and join the official one. The workers are put before a choice: either you become a member of the official trade union or don’t get your labor contract prolonged,’ pointed Iarashuk. ˜In the conditions when our country faces the real threat of revocation of the general preferences system these actions can’t but be called provocative. We convincingly ask you to take the appropriate measures and stop the actions of Lios administration aimed at discrimination of members of the independent trade union of steelworkers,’ runs the letter. Another primary organization of the trade union at Hrodna Nitrogen open company is now in a similar situation.