Zmitser Dashkevich Can’t Count on Early Release from Jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A leader of the Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich who has been sentenced to 1,5 years of jail is the only political prisoner in Belarus who has three reprimands for alleged violations of the prison regime. The first was issued to him for putting on a T-shirt under his prison uniform, the second – for being away from his prison brigade. The reasons for the third one aren’t known yet.

His parents were informed about it by the Department of punishment execution. According to the Process code, now Zmitser can’t apply for conditional early release. It is not clear even whether he can fall under an amnesty. His parents are allowed to visit him 4 times a year and have 3 long-term meetings. They hope to see him in April.

On 2 March an Ambassador of the OSCE mission Ake Petersen visited Zmitser Dashkevich and had a talk with him at the office of the chair of Shklou prison. He said that people remember him and hope he would be soon released.