Former Candidates to Brest Regional Deputy Soviet Apply to Its Chair

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The former candidates to Brest regional deputy soviet Uladzimir Malei, Siarhei Vakulenka and Uladzimir Vialichkin have applied to the chair of the soviet Kanstantsin Sumar to complain about human rights violations. The matter is that in January, during the electoral campaign, the police detained a group of youngsters, each of whom held a sheet of paper with one letter on. Brest Leninski borough court fined the detainees 620 000 – 1 550 000 Belarusian rubles (300 – 750 US dollars). The former candidates consider these sanctions too hard and think that the fined students won’t be able to pay so much. Fellow students have found about and now express their dissent with the activities of the law machinery and the local authorities. The candidates are of the opinion that the use of physical force towards youth in Brest is a manifestation of violation of the freedom of assembly and the right to distribute information, which contradicts to the international norms.