American Citizens Deported from Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

10 US citizens, Ronald and Christine Wart, Belinda Hogan, John Williams, Bill, Angela and Carroll Guetzhal and three others, have been deported from Belarus. They have been charged with violation of rules of stay in Belarus, RFE/RL informs.

According to official explanations, the foreign citizens have been promoting religion and educating people illegally. All
US citizens were fined fourteen US dollars. They are banned entry to Belarus for five years.

US citizens arrived to Mahilyou on February 5. They came on invitation of Stefanus organization, to teach English to Mahiliou citizens as part of the “English for all” program.

The Emmanuil church, an evangelical Baptist group in Mahiliou, had been the site of the classes, and a Belarusian partner with the Stefanus group.

On February 9 during classes representatives of citizenship and migration department detained all foreign citizens and took them to a police department. When the police drew up a report and warned them about further activities, the American citizens were released.

On February 15 all Americans were told to leave

Dzmitry Kantsavenka, a Stefanus spokesman, plans to go to court. He believes, deportation of his guests is illegal. He is convinced that the case is a frame-up. As a person who had invited the foreigners to
Belarus, he still hasn’t had a chance to look through the case materials.