Justice Ministry of Belarus Denied Registration to Union of Left Parties

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Justice Ministry of Belarus has denied state registration to the Union of political parties “Union of Left Parties”. The official site of the ministry informs, the current legislation describes the reasons which may lead to denial of state registration to a union. In particular, a union of political parties is denied registration in case an established order of creation of a union is violated.

In January this year Justice Ministry received documents for registration of the
Union of political parties “Union of Left Parties”. The Party of Communists of Belarus, the Belarusian Social- Democratic Party (Hramada) and Belarusian Women Party “Nadzeya” were founder members of the Union of Left parties, reads the press-release. The documents for registration were checked, and it was found out that the organizing conference of the Union of Left parties of Belarus had been held in Chernihiv (Ukraine) in 2006. That contradicts with the legislation of Belarus and statutes of political parties.

According to the legislation, activities of political parties registered in
Belarus can take place only on the territory of Belarus. Political parties do not have a right to organize events outside Belarus. “It means that founders of the Union have intentionally violated the law and their statutes,” Justice Ministry believes.

Besides, numerous violations of the order of planning and holding an organizing conference have been found. The documents received by Justice Ministry show that in fact delegates had been appointed, and not elected for the conference on the representative basis. Persons absent in the list of the conference participants were elected to working bodies of the conference, the press-release reports.

Alaksei Karol, deputy chairperson of the BSDP (Hramada) told “Solidarity”: “this collision could have been avoided very easily, should the authorities allow us to hold the conference in Belarus. However, that didn’t happen. The authorities don’t need a union of left-wing forces. They don’t want Lukashenka to have an organized opponent”.