Teacher Wins Trial against Secondary School Administration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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Today the regional court in Minsk has ruled that a decision to reinstate an activist from Kletsk region Ina Kebikava in a job was legal. A complaint of Hrytsevichy secondary school which demanded to discharge the young teacher has been dismissed. Last year Ina Kebikava was taking part in a protest rally in Kastrychnitskaia Square in Minsk after the presidential election.

The case of Ina Kebikava was tried by judges of Minsk regional court. As told by the judge Iryna Tynyavitskaya, the administration of Hrytsevichy secondary school and the education department of Kletsk regional executive committee demand to reconsider the ruling of the regional court. The regional court has ruled that the dismissal of Ina Kebikava who started her work in the school as a young teacher, was illegal.

Ina Kebikava was fired in the beginning of November. However the court of Kletsk ruled that the administration of the school and the regional department of education had violated the law. There were no massive violations of labor discipline by her. Kebikava was absent from work only once, however she explained that she was transporting firewood for heating her cold house which had been given to her by the school. Besides, the trade union committee of the school hasn’t approved the dismissal.