Siarhei Skrabets: Haunting of Kazulin Is Going on

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the UCP press service

A former prisoner of Vitsba-3 colony Siarhei Skrabets thinks that there Aliaksandr Kazulin won’t be given a possibility to recover after his hunger strike. That’s why we must take all efforts for his release from jail. Otherwise they will worry life out of him’, said Mr. Skrabets. According to him, pressurization of Kazulin started right on his arrival to the colony. ‘The deputy head of the penal colony on education not only hounded Kazulin, but also insulted me’, pointed Skrabets. ‘Kazulin received the first penalty for wearing sneakers (cause because he received no boots) and the second – for insult of an officer).’ Siarhei Skrabets thinks that the colony administration receives direct orders from either the Minister of Interior Uladzimir Navumau or even higher officials.

Kazulin’s Lawyer Ihar Rynkevich pointed that the colony administration was cautious with Kazulin when he was in a near-death state during the last 10 days of his hunger-strike. For instance, his life was given unprecedented possibility to speak to him on the telephone. Right after the prison medics stated that his life was no more in danger the ‘mechanism of penitentiary socialization’ was applied to him.

‘They head of Kazulin’s prison brigade and the deputy head of the colony on education started upbringing him as an ordinary criminal. There were conflicts for this reason.’

Till 15 February Aliaksandr Kazulin will receive dietary food and will be freed from any work.