Artur Finkevich Makes Public Statement about Pressurization at Corrective Labor Facility

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Artur Finkevich has received second rebuke from the administration of corrective labor facility #43 of Mahiliou for being 13 minutes late from sauna. In the case of three rebukes the administration can accuse him of ‘evasion from punishment execution’ and transfer to a prison. Due to this fact the political prisoner Artur Finkevich has issued a public statement:

During the whole time I spent at corrective labor facility #43 of Mahiliou I was facing unprecedented pressurization. During the last five weeks I was allowed to go out to the city for washing myself only once – on Saturday, 6 January 2007. I was given for it two hours only – since 12 a.m. till 2 p.m. (The CLF has about 230 prisoners and its own shower is open for 1,5-2 hours some 2-3 times a day).

I suffer from bad nutrition as they don’t let me out to a shop. I am given only 15 minutes for going to work or back. I don’t have any possibility to buy the food-staffs. Even if I am allowed to go to a shop, I am escorted there by a policeman. There are no conditions for cooking – there are only 2 stoves for 75 persons. 14 persons exist (I can’t find another word suitable) in 14 square meters’ space. The CLF administration voices open threats to me: ‘We will close you’, ‘We will send you to clean toilets’. I receive threats from the deputy chair of political education, major Kuskou. They also arbitrary read my correspondence.

In the beginning of December, without abiding by any procedures they examined my personal belongings, which they did to no one else. They completely undressed me looking for a mobile. In the beginning of my stay there they threatened to plant drugs to me. Two of the past six months of my term I spent in hospitals. My health has considerably deteriorated. Now I have serious heart problems and a chronic gastritis because of bad nutrition.

In Saturday, when major Kuskou let me out to wash myself for two hours, he in my presence asked permission from Aleh Niamytska, a deputy chair of the Department of punishment execution. I returned by a taxi, but was 13 minutes late because of traffic jams.

Major Kuskou took explanations from me and ordered major Matsiulin to register the violation. It was the first case in the CLF history when 13-minute lateness was registered. They have such biased attitude to me only.

On 10 January I was summonsed by the chair of my brigade, major lieutenant Skobeleu and announced a rebuke for my being late. He pointed it wasn’t his decision. Together with him I went to A.Lamaza, chair of the corrective labor facility. I was told that I could write a complaint to the Department of punishment execution of Mahiliou, which I am going to do now.