Orsha: Tortures for anti-Lukashenka Graffiti and Belarusian Language

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 10 January in Orsha the police detained a youth activist Siarhei Huminski on suspicion in relation to anti-Lukashenka graffiti that appeared in the city at night of 23-24 December 2006. On 24 December 2006 Mr. Huminski was interrogated on this case for the first time and several searches were conducted in his flat.

At 9.30 p.m. on 10 December another interrogation started. The investigator demanded from the guy to speak Russian. When Siarhei refused, the present persons started insulting him with four-letter words.

Hearing the activist still speak in Belarusian, an unknown man in mufti hit him in the chest several time. Police captain Laryionau joined him and they continued the beating together. After the beating and one more demand to speak Russian they put the detainee’s coat on him and chained hand-cuffs over it to hide the beating. They twisted his arms and with the words ‘You’ll start speaking Russian now, bitch!’ started hitting across the face, kidneys and chest. One of the hand-cuffs unchained. Then the main in mufti started holding S.Huminski and simultaneously hitting him in the back, while Laryionau kicked him in the face. When the youngster demanded a lawyer and an interpreter they started beating with double energy, demanding confession of having made the graffiti.

When he refused to sign the confession they again twisted his arms and hit him in the face. The interrogation ended with Siarhei’s signing a report in which it was noted that he didn’t know who made the graffiti. Then the activist went to a local hospital. The doctors registered the beating and called the police. There came police captain Laryionau, who had beaten the guy. Because of the doctors’ presence he had to write for the beaten an order for forensic expertise.

Siarhei Huminski has already appealed the torture to the prosecutor and the minister of interior.