Belarusian Voters’ Club Suspended

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarusian Voters’ Club carried out independent observation of the election. Right before the local election this year the Minsitry of Justice suspended the activity of the NGO. Uladzimir Hudzeyeu, chairperson of the Voters’ Club, says the Supreme Court considered the suit of the Ministry of Justice on December 11. This year the Ministry of Justice issued 2 warnings to the NGO. That became the ground for a 6-month suspension of the NGO’s activity. The Supreme Court decided that the fact that the office of the NGO was not located at its legal address was enough to suspend the activity of the Voters’ Club. The decisions of the Supreme Court may not be appealed. If the NGO fixes the problem in 6 months, its activity might be renewed.

Uladzimir Hudzeyeu believes the suspension equals to liquidation of the organization. This way, there are no organizations which can conduct independent observation left in Belarus.