Homel Regional Court Reverses Verdict to Former Judge Siarhei Iarashevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Source: www.charter97.org

On 13 December the College Board on Criminal cases of Homel regional court reversed the verdict of Svetlahorsk regional court to punish a former judge Syarhei Iarashevich for insulting judges from Rahachou. On 4 November S.Iarashevich from Zhlobin was sentenced for 2 years of corrective work with paying 20% of salary under the verdict of Svetlahorsk regional court’s judge Natallia Belaichuk.

The reason for criminal action against Iarashevich was his entry in a book of complaints comparing Rahachou judges Uladzimir Salameichuk and Mikalai Rubisau with judges of Stalin era in the year 1937, who are acting according to a principle: give me a person, and I will find a charge against him.

This spring judges from Rahachou in turns were trying a rather complicated criminal case against Syarhei Iarashevich charged with hooliganism and inflicting light bodily injuries to a former policeman from Zhlobin. The policeman had a quarrel with Siarhei Iarashevich. In Rahachou court Iarashevich was fined 3 100 000 rubles. He considered the trial and the verdict to be unfair. Protesting against them he wrote an entry in the complaint book. As a result of that another criminal action and another sentence by Svetlahorsk court followed.

S.Iarashevich told that Rahachou judges ignored his motion, misrepresented statements of a witness, refused to include comments to the court records. ‘I am a lawyer, and I was sentenced because of total lawlessness’, S.Iarashevich said. ‘My entry in a complaint book was an expression of indignation’.

Now the criminal case against S.Iarashevich for insulting Rahachou judges is to be reconsidered again by the court of Savetski borough of Homel.