Minsk: United Democratic Forces Call on People to Take Part in Action of Solidarity with Aliaksandr Kazulin on 10 December

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Source: www.charter97.org

The Political Council of the United democratic forces of Belarus has passed a decision to stage an action of solidarity with Aliaksandr Kazulin and other political prisoners on December 10, on the International Day of Human Rights Defence. Leaders of democratic parties have called upon citizens to come to Kastrychnitskaia Square in Minsk, at 2 p.m. on 10 December.

’One cannot stand by and look indifferent as the regime cynically and cold-bloodedly kills a person. It is clear that over the last 12 years many people have been covered by armour of fear and indifference, but fortunately, there are people for whom freedom is the most important thing,” underlined the chairman of the National Committee of the United democratic forces Anatol Liabedzka. He also highlighted that “it is a case when we should stay humans in the first place, and then politicians, civil servants, right, left politicians, Orthodox or Protestants.’

Aliaksandr Kazulin continues the hunger strike for the 50th day. The politician protests against total lawlessness in Belarus, and demands to consider the situation in Belarus in the UN Security Council.