World Alliance of Belarusians Batskawshchyna Counter-sues Minskaia Spadchyna Enterprise

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the early 1990-ies the Soviet of Ministers issued a ruling about fostering the activity of the World Alliance of Belarusians Batskawshchyna and lending to it an office for 25 years. Since 1993 the organization had its office in Revaliutsyinaia Street, 15 in Minsk. This year the lender

Minskaia Spadchyna lends office to the World Alliance of Belarusians Batskawshchyna. This year it demanded that Batskawshchyna left the office in connection with restoration of the building, which the organization did on 7 August. In addition Minskaia Spadchyna sued to court for breaking the rent agreement with Batskawshchyna. The breach of the rent agreements ensues in loss of legal address, which can lead to liquidation of juridical registration with possible subsequent punishment for activity on behalf of unregistered organization.

That’s why, according to the information of Alena Makouskaia, the chair of the council of Batskawshchyna, the organization filed a counter-claim. The hearings on it haven’t been appointed yet, whereas the hearings on the suit of Minskaia Spadchyna were appointed on 12 December.