Guards of Corrective Facility Search Artur Finkevich’s Belongings

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Yesterday evening gaurds of Mahiliou corrective facility of open type carried out a personal search of a political activist Artur Finkevich.

As Artur Finkevich said himself, policemen searched his belongings so disrespectfully and cautiously that it was clear that their aim was to find the mobile phone the use of which is allegedly forbidden for inmates of a corrective labour facility. Artur Finkevich does not connect this search with some political events, like local elections. He just noted that it was another attempt of pressure on him by the authorities.

Artur Finkevich was sentenced to two years of imprisonment for political graffiti ‘Fed up With Him!’ and ‘We Want a New One!’ During the elections campaign Artur Finkevich spent almost 3 months in a remand prison. The Young Front activist was placed to the penal colony of Mahiliou on 29 June 2006.