Local Democratic Candidates under Close Attention

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the leadership of the United Democratic Forces, 480 members of BPF Party, PCB, BSDP (Hramada), and UCP continue to collect signatures to be nominated candidates for local councils. There are quite many facts of the authorities persecuting the activists who participate in the election process.

On November 27 head of Hrodna regional organization of BPF Siarhei Malchyk was invited to visit a tax inspection office. Mr. Malchyk rents an apartment for 4 years, and is registered at another place. He thinks the inspectors are interested in old and well-known facts: “It is possible for them to come to the rented apartment and do searches. It is possible for police to come and solve other issues. The only thing which is impossible is to run to local councils. As a result, they start that state machinery in order to push me out”.

Other pro-democratic candidates in Hrodna also have problems with tax inspection offices. BHC member Raman Yurhel told RFE/RL: “The district election commission reassured me that I can go to the tax office and they’ll help me fill in an income declaration. The tax inspectors told me they would not help me and would not consult me. When we left the office they told us secretely they had been ordered by Minsk officials not to consult local candidates under threat of losing a job”.

Press secretary of the Ministry for Taxes and Duties Alexander Zhyhulich says: “I can’t confirm that such a letter exists. However, every candidate should know the procedure of filling a tax declaration and do it correctly”.