Second plenary European Roma Travelers Forum held in Strasbourg

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Recently was Second plenary European Roma Travelers Forum, which based in Strasbourg. During this meeting Roma people from all Europe deliberate about Roma rights, discuss about essential problems. This meeting was very important for Roma and for non-Roma peoples. During 2 plenary session ERTF elaborate Roma working plane, was elaborated strategy for the future. Mostly, we can say that Roma everyway have the same problems, same difficulties. But there was extract problem of Roma minority in Kosovo and wrong strategy of non-Roma organizations. As a example was adduce situation when non- Roma experts working on Roma problems. All Roma people condemn this situation. Expert, which working for Roma must native Roma at first. Common opinion was that in future Roma must prevent situation when non-Roma peoples trying to solve own problems of unemployment. Some European Roma organizations haven’t Roma as stuff members at all. Its absurd but it is. It’s difficult to imagine why until now we afford this disorder. British delegation was first who definite censure non-Roma experts in Roma making decision process and it was support by all delegates.

Majority of Roma delegates encourage strategy which was choosing by Council of Europe and OSCE. Roma encouraging strategy of both this organizations, because they are working with Roma and for Roma. In OSCE man who leading CPRS is native Roma and we are sure that his methodology will be successful. Council of Europe working with Roma with ERTF and we can saw that our opinions are taken in to account.

In working groups ERTF members elaborate goals and aims for our future work. The biggest problems, which ERTF can attend right now is growing Antygipsism activity in Eastern Europe. Majority of ERTF delegates are worried about it. ERTF is conceived, that in future international community needs to pay more attention for Antygypsism and neo-fascists activity. Kosovo is huge problem. ERTF recognized that this problem deserving more attention. Roma interests need to be protected. Roma must be included and involved as partners in all programs which addressed for Kosovo. Bosnian delegation arise question about violations against Roma women’s during war in Balkan area. Delegates recognized that in future we need to rise, to elevate Roma political participation as a mechanism of providing Roma interests in daily life. Education problems were defined as a clue of Roma disintegration. Roma deserve more attention. In Belarus, as in other Eastern European countries, we can detect Roma self-discrimination. Some Roma people didn’t believe in alterations, some Roma concede for debilitated ideas. ERTF is censuring this determination. We add a recommendation which was adduced by Jud Nirenberg that in future Roma delegate need to be more active, need to intensify work in local area and on international level. President of ERTF Mr. Rudko Kavchinsky initiated some important remarks, which was approved by delegates.

Now ERTF arousing Roma organization in the world to express Roma consolidation, Roma inclusion. ERTF is an example of successful cooperation between Roma organizations and Council of Europe. Now we can say that ERTF proved that ERTF can unite Roma movement in Europe.

Belarus as a member of ERTF has done big step forward democracy.

Kalinin Nicolas

Delegate in ERTF