Vitsebsk: Miron Hangs out White-Red-White Flags again

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


At 9.30 p.m. on 20 November a white-red-white flag emerged over the top of Iakub Kolas National Academic Theatre in Vitsebsk. Journalists saw it in an hour. Numerous Vitsebsk dwellers could see it as well, as the theatre is situated in the center of the city, near Kirau Square, with its busy traffic even at night time.

These days Vitsebsk is getting ready to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the theatre’s foundation. Festive events dedicated to this date are to start on November 23. As the BelaPAN was informed by Vitsebsk oppositionist Barys Khamajda , ‘a white-red-white flag over the theatre is a present form legendary Miron’. B.Khamaida said that Miron attached a note to the flag: ‘I congratulate workers of the theatre with the anniversary! Cherish our mother language in this hard time! Long live Belarus! Your thankful spectator Miron.’

It was the forth case over the last 2.5 months when a white-red-white flag appeared in Vitsebsk. The first one emerged on 9 September overnight over Zahodniaia Dzvina and was fixed on a wire between Blokhin and Kirau bridges. Next time a flag was seen on 7 October in the morning over the building 55 Lenin Street. A big bazaar was taking place in Vitsebsk that day. Late at night on 26 October a flag appeared in the center of the city over the so-called ‘blue house’, the residence of the city administration, in front of the amphitheatre. In a few minutes it was removed by the police.