Rechytsa: No Prolongation of Working Contract to Valery Putsitski

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 1 November Rechytsa branch of Beltechinventaryzatsyia (Belarusian Technical Inventory) received a fax from Minsk office with the information that the working contract with Valery Putsitski, the chair of Rechytsa district council of the Belarusian People’s Front, ends on 18 November and won’t be prolonged.

Mr Putsitski commented to HRC Viasna: ‘It wasn’t a surprise for me, because the enterprise has received telephone calls from Rechytsa City Executive Committee. The authorities asked why I worked there, but the enterprise had more important problems: at first its director was fired, then the director of Rechytsa branch resigned and a former worker of the executive committee was appointed instead. Naturally, he did as the executive committee wanted. A month ago the vice-chair of Rechytsa BPF branch was fired, now my turn has come.’

Being asked about his plans, Valery Putsitski said: The example of Ales Chyhir who was fired from school for his political activity shows that it is impossible to make the authorities prolong a working contract or complain against firing. It’s just a waste of time’. Now Mr Putsitski is going to run for a deputy seat in the district and the regional deputy soviets.