Babruisk Court Refuses to Restore Ales Chyhir in His Job

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 20 Babruisk court judge Valiantsina Holub turned down the appeal of local council member Ales Chyhir who wanted to get his job back. RFE/RL reports, Ales Chyhir, former secondary school teacher of history plans to file a cassation complaint to Mahiliou region court.

“I did not expect another decision. The hearing was short. Most probably, they had made a decision in advance. They claim I was absent from work on March 25. But that was Saturday. And I never had any classes on Saturday. They claim there has been an alleged order from the principle for all teachers to be present at school that Saturday. And I went to Minsk to the Square”, -- says Ales Chyhir.

There are more examples of the fact that teachers are persecuted for their political views in Belarus. Ales Chyhir talks about his colleagues local councilors Leanid Haravy in Haradok and Yauhen Prakurat in Belaaziorsk, who have been fired from work: “The system is very simple. Teacher is a person who lays the foundation in the consciousness of the future generations. If a teacher loves freedom, his students will be free people too. If teachers are turned into slaves (and that’s what the contract system is designed for), there is also such a threat for the next generation”.

Ales Chyhir has 3 under-age children. Ales has found a job at “Babruiski Kuryer” independent newspaper. Recently his family received material support from the religious Brotherhood of Three Vilniuis Martyrs.