UN Committee for Human Rights to Consider Complaint of Belarusian citizen Viktar Karniyenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Karniyenka filed a complaint about actions of the law-enforcing bodies of Zhlobin district (Homel region). During the presidential election Viktar Karniyenka, agent of presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich, was driving from Minsk to Homel. He had 28 thousand copies of promotional brochures and flyers in the car. The materials were printed for the money given to each candidate by the state for promotion. However, Zhlobin police seized all the printed materials – 25% of the whole print-run of Milinkevich’s flyers.

“The case was considered by Zhlobin district court. Judge Siarhei Shautsou ruled: to fine Viktar Karniyenka for the fact that the flyers had a slogan “Milinkevich – new President who you will be proud of” and to seize all 14 thousand copies of flyers. As for promotional brochures (14 thousand copies as well), the police did not give any reasons or motivations for their seizure”, -- told Leanid Sudalenka, chair of Homel branch of Legal Initiative organization, to www.belngo.info

Viktar Karniyenka went through all Belarusian instances – Homel regional court, regional prosecutor’s office, the Supreme Court, and the Prosecutor’s General office. He asked to explain the grounds for seizure of the promotional brochure. V. Karniyenka does not agree with seizure of the flyers as well. Moreover, he does not agree with the fine – the text of the flyer was officially approved by the Central Election Commission.

“Nevertheless, the Belarusian instances upheld the verdict of Zhlobin district court. The authorities failed to reply to my question why they seized the brochures. That’s why I appealed to the UN Human Rights Committee. I am sure that all officials who abuse their power would bear responsibility in the end of the day”, -- Viktar Karniyenka told www.belngo.info.