Polish Solidarity with Belarus: Rallies in Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On October 16 a year was marked since Poland launched a campaign of solidarity with Belarus. An event dedicated to this date was staged in a Warsaw club “Remont”, famous for its support of Belarus. First a multimedia presentation of the campaign “16” in Poland was held. Pictures and video films from protest rallies in the last year were demonstrated. In the second part, a concert of a Belarusian hip-hop project “Chyrvonym pa Belym” was presented. It caused a surge of positive emotions of the Belarusians in the club, and also among Poles. The Union for Democracy Support in Belarus was the organizer of the concert.

Solidarity actions were also held in many cities of Poland.

In Biala Podlaska local Belarusian students lit symbolic white and red candles near the consulate of Belarus.

In Gdansk young Belarusians and Poles held a March in the main street of the Old Town, which finished near Lech Walesa’s office. Symbolic candles were lit there. The protest caused great interest of the local press.

In Krakow 20 protesters gathered near New Collegium and marched up to the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, they lit candles and attached portraits of Belarusian political prisoners and abducted politicians to the monument.

In Wroclaw Belarusian and Polish students held a march with white-red-white flags and lit candles.

In Poznan several Belarusian students lit candles near the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, paying tribute to Belarusian freedom fighters and to the memory of the missing.

In Lublin several dozens of Belarusians and Poles lit candles of solidarity near the monument to Lublin Union. After that a film by Pavel Sharamet “Wild Hunt-2” about the abducted Belarusian oppositionists was run.