Brest Police Detains 13 people

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of October 16, 2006 several dozen young people stood along Masherov avenue holding candles in their hands. Some of the young people held posters with letters which together read a slogan “Freedom to Political Prisoners!”. By the action the youth wanted to remind the public about the Day of Solidarity with the families of the disappeared politicians and political prisoners.

The action draw the attention of not only passers-by but also of the local police. 13 action participants were detained and taken to a police station: Ihar Dzemidovich, Andrei Sharenda, Mikhas Ilyin, Dzianis Pradun, Katsiaryna Belskaya, Yulia Pashko, Ihar Baranouski, Viktar Klimus, Kanstantsin Turchaniak, Vital Koush, Yuras Boubats, Hanna, and Anatol.

Some of the detained wrote “explanation statements”. Investigator Tarasevich tried to persuade under-age Ilyin, Pradun, and some others to testify against Dzemidovich claiming that he was the organizer of the action. However, when the parents of minors unexpectedly arrived at the police station, investigators stopped their initiative right away.

All the detained were video-filmed. Vital Koush does not have a registration in Brest. The police officers commented: no registration, you will be treated as homeless. He was the last one to be released, already after 10 p.m. Police officer Tarasevich seized Arche magazine from him, saying he wants “to read” it.