Non-state Newspaper Inform-progulka Is prohibited for Sale at Newspaper Kiosk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to the chief editor of the non-state newspaper Inform-progulka last week the chair of Luninets District Executive Committee V.Harhun officially prohibited to sell the newspaper in the kiosk that is situated in the building of Luninets CEC. Mr Harhun called to his office the head of Luninets branch of Brestablsaiuzdruk P.Karatysh and ordered to remove the weekly from the kiosk despite of the official agreement for its distribution that has been concluded between this enterprise and the editorial board of the newspaper.

By the way, the circulation of Inform-progulka is 7 000 copies. It is quite popular with readers and sold quite well in the hapless kiosk of Luninets CEC.