Pavel Krasouski Is Given New Charges and Left in Custody

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Today in Vitsebsk the activist of Young Front Pavel Krasouski has been interrogated with participation of his two lawyers, Viachaslau Praskalovich and Pavel Sapelka. We should remind that the activist is suspected of participation in preparation of the explosions that took place in Vitsebsk on 14 and 22 September 2005. HRC Viasna has just managed to find that a new accusation has been given to Mr Krasouski: paragraphs 7, 8 and 16 of article 139 part 2 (murder accompanied with rape or forcing of sexual nature; performed with the aim to hide another crime by a person who has committed murders before).

At the same time Pavel’s mother Tamara Krasouskaia has been trying to pass a food parcel for him for two days already. We should remind that Vitsebsk members of the BPF Party tried to pass food and clothes to him right after the detention. However, they weren’t allowed to do it without the sanction of Aliaksandr Rasolka, senior investigator of the Republican prosecutor’s office on especially important cases. Tamara Krasouskaia wasn’t handed the permission for passing parcels to the son. Instead she was told that the guards would take the parcels and the permission to the isolator where her son was kept. The guards have accepted the parcel neither on yesterday’s evening nor on today’s morning.

Mrs Krasouskaia believes that the authorities purposefully create severe conditions for her son to morally pressurize him. In addition, the investigator Viktoryia Shavarnouskaia violated her civil right. She called Tamara Krasouskaia to her office saying she needed to ask something. Then she interrogated Mrs Krasouskaia for about an hour without warning that it was interrogation and proposing to call a lawyer.

Krasouski’s lawyer Pavel Sapelka proposed that she wrote a complaint to the Republican prosecutor’s office concerning this incident. He still can’t say anything concrete about the perspectives of his defendant: the legislation allows for up to 10-day’s detention of persons who are suspected of especially hard felonies.