Mahiliou: Young Front Activists Face Pressurization at Places of Study after Illegal Detention

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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On 14 September in Mahiliou 20 activists of Young Front were forcibly detained in a private house by riot squad police. The policemen explained their action with an anonymous telephone call about a fight that was taking place in the house.

Recently 12 of them have met with members of the public initiative Mahiliou Human Rights Center and journalists of non-state mass media. They informed the human rights activists and the journalists that there were no legal consequences of the detention from the police and administrative commissions because the detainees committed no violations. Instead, the police informed about the detention the administration of the places where the youngsters study. After this the activists faced with moral pressurization there. One of them stated the Belarusian secret services tried to recruit him with the assistance of the administration of the educational establishment.