Justice Ministry Recalls the Law

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The Supreme Court of Belarus has adjourned the consideration of the Justice Ministry on suspension of activities of the Party of Communists of Belarus until the complaint of the party to the official warning of the Justice Ministry would be considered. This complaint is to be considered on 17 October in the Supreme Court.

The Justice Ministry issued an official warning to the Party of Communists of Belarus. During the check-up of the activities of the Party of Communists of Belarus the ministry required documents concerning its number, however the documents were not provided. The documents were not provided in the term stated in the written warning.

’Justice Ministry warned the leader of the party about the possible effects of illegal activities. However the party continues to ignore the legislation of Belarus and does not take steps demonstrating its returning within limits of the legal framework,’ Justice Ministry stated.

In line with the Article 31 of the law On Political Parties, in case the party had been issued a written warning, and the party had not cured breaches within the required term, the activities of the party can be suspended for one to six months by the ruling of the Supreme Court on the motion of Justice Ministry.

’The Justice Ministry is making haste. Officials knew perfectly well that an appeal had been taken from the Ministry’s warning in the Supreme Court. Before consideration of this case in the court the warning cannot be considered in force, and we had to perform it. I see no legal, but rather political motives in the actions of the Justice Ministry. The regime needs to close the party of Communists in the run-up to the local elections,” told the leader of the Party of Communists of Belarus Syarhei Kalyakin, commenting on the Justice Ministry’s forwarding a letter of complaint to the Supreme Court of Belarus, seeking to suspend activities of the Party of Communists of Belarus.