Young Front to Campaign in Support of Zmitser Dashkevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On September 22 members of Young Front Zmitser Khvedaruk, Nasta Palazhanka, and Pavel Krasouski held a press conference in the office of BPF. They spoke about detention and indictment of Young Front co-chairperson Zmitser Dashkevich. Nasha Niva reports, the young people promised to launch an all-country campaign in support of their leaser. The campaign will include street actions, hanging banners, and many other things. Young Front activists plan to continue the campaign until Dashkevich is released.
Lawyer Valianstin Stefanovic spoke about legal details of the criminal case. Dashkevich was put in custody on the ground of the fact that once he failed to come to prosecutor’s office for interrogation. However, he had previously informed the prosecutor’s office about that. The other reason for Dashkevich’s detention is the fact that he does not live at the place of his registration – in Starya Darohi.
The young people declared, despite criminal persecution Young Front will continue its activities both in the capital and in the regions. Young Front members are ready to work in very unfavorable conditions.
Siarhei Lisichonak has just been interrogated on the case against Zmitser Dashkevich. Nasta Palazhanka expressed an opinion that during the trial Zmitser would not deny his participation in Young Front.By the way, Zmitser’s friends began to receive his first letters from jail. He writes, he is quite ok, although the cell is very crowded – there are 20 detainees in a 12-people cell. The majority of his cell-mates are smokers, and Dashkevich can not bear cigarette smoke. At the same time, he does not lose hope and believes that soon he will be free.