Another Fine to Vitebsk Distributor of Independent Press

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On September 19 Chyhunachny court judge Valiantsina Kavaliova found Barys Hamaida guilty of selling the independent press at an inappropriate place. Hamaida received a fine of about 7 US dollars.
Barys Hamaida stood on his usual place down town selling latest issues of the Vitebski Kuryer, Nasha Niva, and Arche magazine. Usually policeman would only check if he had a license to sell newspapers. However, that time police officers told him he did not have the right to stand at that location. The conversation continued at the police station, where they took Mr. Hamaida. Right after the talk in the office of the police chief, Barys Hamaida was taken directly to court. After the trial Mr. Hamaida took the newspapers and returned to the same location, although the policemen warned him they would continue to detain him. They explained to the activist that they would stop detaining him only if he leaves the popular location.