Independent trade unions urge Belshina to stop discrimination

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

It is the fourth time that the Borisov City primary organization of the Belarusian Radio and Electronic Workers’ Union (REWU) looks forward to hearing in occasion of its registration. Struggle for the REWU legitimate existence in this city has been going for two years already. For the first time trade union activists tried to register the organization at the Borisov Factory of Auto Tractor Electric Equipment (BATE) but then the primary organization has broken up because its members have been made redundant and were laid off. The second time the Lessor has refused to give legal address to the trade union. It was the third time when the ideological workers have interfered with this business. The primary organization has been refused because the documents submitted to registration mismatched the instruction. For quite a while [trade union] activists have been perplexed, where the discrepancy came from since during the two years they had become very skilled in this business. It has appeared that data on the primary organization Chairperson were incorrect. As Nickolay Pokhabov, the REWU regional representative informed after the minutes on election of directing bodies has been received by the City Executive Committee, Mrs. Lyudmila Garnak, the ideological department chief invited Anton Dementsevich, the primary organization Chairperson and his employer to her. After this conversation Anton Dementsevich submitted a statement addressed to Mrs. Shutko, the Vice-Chairperson of the City Executive Committee. In this statement he wrote that his point of view has changed and he can no longer be the REWU primary organization head. Nickolay Pokhabov assumes that the trade union activist has been threatened with dismissal: “I suppose the employer have been warned about negative consequences if his subordinate would head the independent trade union. And the employer, in turn, has pressed on the worker. The REWU primary organization has convened [its] assembly and chosen a new Chairperson. Now activists look forward to hearing from authorities.